We are committed to protect our environment, and we put in great effort to achieve a greater efficiency and sustainability in our company. This is why we have carried out a study of our carbon footprint, the results of which have shown a 250% emission rate below industrial beer manufacturers and 55% below other craft beer businesses.

Over time, we have streamlined many of our processes in order to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. We have designed modern premises that are environmentally friendly, allowing us to control and reduce considerably our energy costs. Part of our production plant that holds the storage, fermenting and conditioning activities is partially underground. This allows us to maintain the ideal temperature all year round in line with the traditional crafting principles and avoiding electrical over-expenditure. We have strategically positioned our boiling room right above the fermentation area, in order to harness gravity to move the resulting decoction. Furthermore, we have streamlined our energy usage by working with clean renewable energies by means of solar panels, a pellet boiler and energy saving light bulbs.

We have improved our cleaning process of the production plant in order to save water; by means of initiatives such as the Clean-In-Place (CIP) system, a resource deployed for an efficient production and better manufacturing practices, we manage to control usage of this resource. We have also developed a rainwater collection system that is used in some stages of the manufacturing process in order to take advantage of this resource of nature.

We continue working in order to improve our energy saving rates. We have designed a plan for waste disposal reduction, by applying a special free of health risks recycling protocol of our packaging. We use the leftovers of the manufacturing process as organic waste that is processed by the local agricultural industry.

We have improved our packaging to make it lighter, hence reducing our waste by 11%. We now need you to help us, by putting the empty bottles in the glass recycling green container!



We oversee the entire manufacturing process, from picking the best quality of the raw materials to the dispatching of the packaged finished product. We steer clear from mass production and low cost in order to offer variety and quality products.

We invested in technology and precision for entirely monitorized manufacturing process. The fermentation room that holds five 1,000 liters tanks, each with independent temperatures and the automatic bottling line allows us to systematically control the recipes to final product.

All our varieties mature in the tanks at a low temperature three times longer than any other craft beer and six times more than any other industrial beer. This extra time in these conditions provide our product the highest finish, makes it more stable overtime, and gives it the most delightful and intense flavours and aromas.

We also condition our products in the bottle, which means that the generated gas is completely naturally generated without the need to add extra CO2. Our Menduiña beers continue evolving in their packaging: they are “live” products. We avoid pasteurization, filtering, preservatives and cheap replacements. We only use pure Galician water, noble malted cereals, recently harvested hops and yeasts, all free of genetically modified ingredients.


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