Freeborn Beer, The way we are

In the past, the ancient dwellers of our land already used to drink beer. However, the Mediterranean wine culture settled in after the arrival of the Romans. So beer was relegated as a pagan drink for the uncivilized. This is why, Menduiña’s aim is to recover a part of our lost culture and at the same time indulge the most refined palates with a different product.

Our beer has been born to be free and independent. We make beers of an intense flavour that are striking and transmit emotions. They have character, reflect our ethos that combines tradition and innovation, as well as freedom and independence. We are a brand proud of being Galician, revel and genuine. This is the way we are.

Menduiña is puzzling, surprising and it invites you to look at things from a positive perspective. It invites you to enjoy life in the same way as you would a good beer, through its flavour and aroma. Each one of our beers is a unique experience, just like our recipes, because the “craft beer revolution” is here to stay.


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